Many natural products exert their effect at the molecular level (an effect usually expressed as a structure-function claim).  One way in which Wasatch Scientific can discover and demonstrate the efficacy of a natural product is through an assay (test) called RNA Seq.  

RNA Seq, a form of high-throughput sequencing, detects which beneficial molecular pathways are activated by a product.  RNA-Seq produces a large amount of complex data (seen below, left), which can be mined by skilled bioinformatcians at Wasatch Scientific to produce graphs such as the one seen below, on the right.   


Each beneficial gene that is activated represents a great selling point for the product.  In this example, we see that the product activates the COLI, COLIII, and COLIV genes, which indicates that the product boosts collagen production, for healthier, more attractive skin. 

RNA-Seq Data Readout

This image represents a small portion of the data created in an RNA-Seq experiment

The complex data to the left can be distilled down to a simple bar graph below

Simplified Readout

EXAMPLE 3: Efficacy at the molecular level

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