Product Development

Wasatch Scientific offers a comprehensive approach to product development. Our goal is to create an all-inclusive vision for your individual product or product line. Most contract research organizations (CROs) offer a multitude of tests from which their customers may choose. At Wasatch Scientific, we work with our customers to determine the most appropriate testing plan to best achieve client goals. We offer a full scientific lab and qualified research team to our customers, eliminating the need for client capital investment or time-consuming certifications.

Wasatch Scientific has extensive knowledge and experience in the nutraceutical industry. We understand that consumers today wish to take a more active role in their health care, and they require proof that a product works. Our full range of testing capabilities includes cell imaging, genome sequencing, PCR, and microbiome testing. The scientific validation provided by Wasatch Scientific allows our clients to demonstrate the value of their products to the end user, and provide empirical support for product claims.

Wasatch Scientific offers two classes of product development: establishing scientific support for the client’s own products, and licensing opportunities from our pipeline of products. We provide rigorous scientific support for both types of products, which stand up to the increasing sophistication and demands of nutraceutical consumers.

The drug development team at Wasatch Scientific is dedicated to facilitating the process necessary to bring products to market in the United States. The majority of CROs today are located overseas, involving all the complexities that come with offshore relationships. The sensitive nature of pharma- and nutraceutical product development in the United States requires rigorous scientific justification. Wasatch Scientific’s highly qualified team of doctors and scientists understands the challenges and costs involved in developing products through traditional channels, and offers a better way to help our clients achieve their goals.

Wasatch Scientific offers true end-to-end solutions that drastically reduce both time and cost to bring your product to market. Our portfolio of services includes all phases of investigational testing, including post-approval testing and longitudinal study. As a true collaboration partner, we stake our reputation on every product we help develop. We embrace clients and projects of all sizes and scope, and we welcome the opportunity to assist biotech startups and entrepreneurs as well as established firms.

When you’re ready to expedite your product development, call on the experienced team at Wasatch Scientific. We offer many opportunities to accelerate your revenue growth. Whether you would like to learn more about our suite of innovative products available for licensing or discuss the challenges you currently face with your own drug discovery efforts, let Wasatch Scientific show you how you can overcome all of your product development challenges in one simple and reliable step.