Natural Product Validation

Wasatch scientists have deep experience creating scientific and clinical evidence for natural products. Unlike traditional contract research providers, we consult with each client and develop a laboratory or clinical research plan that meets their goals for claims substantiation and product marketing. Our clients gain access to a group of experienced PhDs and a high-performance lab without the large capital expense of developing one in-house.


We serve our clients in three ways:

1) Validating existing products: we give firms a competitive advantage by backing their products with bona fide data and imagery that is understandable and persuasive to their customers, and

2) Developing new products: if our client has a vision for a novel natural product, we create and execute on a plan to develop it, enabling our clients to launch their product with a solid scientific data package, and

3) Scientific consulting: Wasatch scientists are available to consult on scientific matters related to natural products.  This may take many forms such as reviewing data and making recommendations, bioinformatic analysis, creating research plans, or scientific defense in the event of a regulatory audit.


How do we work with our clients?

Generally, we follow a three step process:

1) The first step is a needs assessment.  Wasatch scientists meet with each client to understand their product claims and scientific marketing goals. Sometimes our clients have an idea of the studies they would like to see performed, and other times, they look to us to develop a plan for what should be done to support their products. Our goal is to give our clients all the data they need to successfully legitimize the science behind their products in the eyes of both regulatory agencies (FDA and FTC), and customers.

2) Upon approval from the client, Wasatch scientists carry out and manage the research process.  If a clinical trial is needed, Wasatch will work to ensure that the study is planned correctly, and will run the trial in-house, or identify the best investigative site.   Details such as enrolling the correct number of participants to achieve statistical power, collecting the correct number and type of samples, selecting the appropriate endpoints, etc., are all taken care of by Wasatch Scientists. Having Wasatch manage the trial design and scientific SOPs gives the trial a higher chance of success the first time, decreasing costly mistakes that are prevalent in the industry.

If laboratory (in vitro) work is required, Wasatch scientists will carry out the studies in our lab, allowing for real-time updates.

3) Wasatch scientists analyze the data, prepare reports, and finally, in a step we call translational consulting, we meet with the client to help them understand the results, and how to use them for new product creation, claims substantiation, or product marketing.

Given our process, scientific background is not necessary in order to work with Wasatch Scientific. Our clients can come to us with a general goal or specific questions, and we will take care of the whole process, making sure that every step makes sense.  Many of our clients have scientists with whom we interface, but this is not required.


Please consult our capabilities page to view examples of our work, or view the video below for an further details on Wasatch Scientific: