Natural Product Development

Wasatch Scientific is a life science contract research company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded by a group of pharmaceutical chemists and biologists, we have deep experience with evaluating the scientific aspects of natural products.  And unlike traditional contract research providers, we consult with each client and develop a research plan that meets their scientific and marketing goals. Our clients gain access to a group of experienced PhDs and a high-performance lab without the large capital expense of developing one in-house.

We serve our clients in three ways:

1) Validating existing products: we give firms a competitive advantage by backing their products with bona fide scientific data and imagery that is understandable and persuasive to their customers,

2) Developing new products: if our client has a vision for a novel natural product, we create and execute on a plan to develop it, and

3) Providing new products for license: Wasatch Scientific is continually developing original and cutting-edge natural products that are supported by exciting scientific marketing material, and in many cases can be patented, providing exclusivity to the licensee.

Please consult our capabilities page to view examples of our work, or view the video below for an further details on Wasatch Scientific: