Drug Discovery

Wasatch Scientific is a life science support and drug discovery contract research organization (CRO). Our drug discoveries assist biotechnology firms, academic interests and nutraceutical clients, as well as pharmaceutical customers. State-of-the-art lab facilities and a renowned scientific team place Wasatch Scientific squarely on the front lines of development partnerships and integrated alliances designed to bring our clients’ products to the marketplace successfully. Wasatch Scientific has developed strategic partnerships with many established drug discovery and product development leaders, allowing us to take our place among the most prominent collaborators.

Wasatch Scientific clients may take advantage of any of our stand-alone services on an as-needed or contract project basis. Many of our clients choose a long-term collaborative relationship that allows our researchers and project managers to fully integrate the drug discovery process. Our discovery partners are the hallmark of our achievements, and we bring to bear the specific services and capabilities to meet each project’s needs. Our service delivery goals are dedicated to an integrated, seamless experience for you, providing the most direct and cost-effective means to achieve your objectives. Cycle reduction and expedited discovery are always on our mind, which benefits both our clients and their targets in cost and time to market.

Our scientific specialists begin each project by consulting at length with the client’s development team to learn more about intended targets and implication, safety concerns and development strategy. Depending on where you are in the project cycle, we provide in vitro and in vivo services to identify and validate targets, assay screening and compound management, hit-to-lead and lead optimization services

Working with a single point-of-contact discovery partner, especially an American-based firm like Wasatch Scientific, will greatly simplify your process and reduce costs, while improving outcomes significantly. Our senior scientists and leaders are with your project from day one through the final handoff, providing the expert support and recommendations that you need. Focused on consistency, innovation and the highest quality standards in the industry, Wasatch Scientific has emerged as the premier CRO collaboration partner in the United States.