Demonstrating the Genetic Purity of Botanical Products

Purity of natural product ingredients, specifically botanicals, is of growing importance for nutraceutical companies.  This trend promises to continue as customers demand more information on, and evidence for, the products they ingest.

Along these lines, the issue of product adulteration has been in the news recently, and has caused skepticism and hesitancy among some consumers of botanical products.  Adulteration may occur in various ways: invasion of aggressive species into growers’ fields, failure to remove contaminating organisms, or substandard cultivation and processing practices.  The result is a final product that is impure–often to a substantial degree. Product adulteration leads to loss of consumer confidence in a product, bad press, and decreased sales. For expert opinions, see:

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Mark Blumenthal: Adulterated Ingredients and Products in the Natural Supplements Industry

To address these issues, Wasatch Scientific offers laboratory tests that our clients can use to demonstrate to their customers the genetic purity of their products.


Genetic Purity of Botanicals

Demonstrating high genetic purity is one means by which Wasatch Scientific helps natural product distributors set their products apart in the eyes of customers.

We determine the purity of a product sample (the percentage of DNA that is derived from the plant species of interest), using Next-Generation Sequencing. Furthermore, if desired, this percentage can then be compared to that of similar products, providing a competitive advantage to our clients in their advertising. The figure below shows an example of data our clients might receive for their botanical product sample. In this figure, we see that “Botanical A” shows much higher purity than three comparable products.


To learn more about this service, and how Wasatch Scientific can add value to your products and bolster consumer confidence, please contact one of our scientists below. For an overview of all of our services, visit us at

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About Wasatch Scientific

Wasatch Scientific is a contract research organization focused on providing competent and reliable scientific evidence to support our clients’ natural products. We consult with each client to understand their research goals, design and carry out the needed laboratory experiments, and help our clients understand the scientific results. The resultant data and imagery are often used by our clients in their marketing and advertising activities.