Using clinical samples, biochemistry, cultured cells, or animal models, we can show how natural products, nutraceuticals, or pharmaceuticals impact such things as:

  • Gene activation
  • Cellular health
  • Aging
  • Genomics
  • Metabolism
  • & many others

Below are a few examples of how we give products a competitive edge by backing them with legitimate scientific data and imagery.

Example Projects

Projects for our clients are customized to their marketing and product claims goals; therefore, it is impossible to create an exhaustive list of all studies/assays we perform.  However, below is a sampling of projects that Wasatch has performed recently.  Descriptions have been scrubbed of confidential information.

  • Used fluorescent microscopy to produce images that showed a product clearing cells of oxidative stress.¬† The client used the images in their marketing with great success
  • Developed custom cell viability and gene expression assays to test the efficacy of six botanical blends provided by a client. Two formulas proved superior to the others and are being moved forward in development
  • Created laboratory evidence of the anti-bacterial properties of two natural hand sanitizers
  • Customized a microbiome assay to test for changes in the microbiome of subjects taking a probiotic product. Found increases in multiple species that were used in the supplement, thus showing probiotic efficacy
  • Showed effectiveness (at the molecular level) of an anti-skin-aging product by performing RNA-seq and ChIP-seq on clinical skin biopsies and on cultured skin cells. The data were used to support structure/function claims and to convince customers of product efficacy
  • Created evidence to refute negative claims about a botanical blend. The evidence was both qualitative (images and videos of cells in culture) and quantitative (line charts of cell activity)
  • Tested the effects of a product on genetic super-enhancers in saliva and blood samples from a clinical trial. Found that several beneficial biological pathways were activated by product supplementation
  • Using a luciferase reporter cell line, screened for (and identified) a natural product that induced the antioxidant response pathway
  • Provided supporting scientific evidence for a product that increases ATP production
  • Authored a manuscript (on behalf of a client) that was presented at a conference and published in a scientific journal
  • Showed changes in glutathione levels in the saliva of supplemented subjects
  • Demonstrated that a product protects telomeres from shortening under stressful conditions (which is important for delaying aging). The client used the data to back up anti-aging structure/function claims

Please contact us to learn how Wasatch Scientific can produce evidence to support natural product claims, and help boost product sales through increased scientific credibility.